Positive 2021 Start to Nomads Junior Cricket.

Published On: May 17, 2021Categories: News and Reports

I spoke with our Director of Junior Cricket, Navin Patel, during the weekend who was beaming over the start our Juniors and Girls had made to the start of 2021. He is very proud of you all. If its results you are focusing on then our teams have made a brilliant start. However there is so much more to tell. Excellent numbers and energy at training, brilliant admin and parent participation, top resistance to very cold weather conditions and above all having great fun out there!.

For me I am going lead with our U11 Girls who gathered at Hurstpierpoint on 5th May for their 1st game. In true Nomad spirit they took the field in near Baltic conditions and were happy to play. The game was eventually called off as big hailstones rained in across the ground. There was a brilliant photo of the girls at the end all heavily wrapped up against the conditions. I am sure that Girls Coach Malorie Short was very proud of them.

Our U13s Girls team teamed up against a very experienced Hailsham squad on 11th May at the SCMG for a pairs game. It was a game that we covered live and everyone at the ground was very pleased with the skill sets that our newly formed team showed. The girls couldn’t quite hold the Hailsham batting line up to narrowly miss out. However Manager Rupert was very proud of the girls and said he was very pleased with the progress they had all made. I was there that night and it was apparent that both sets of players were very animated to be playing cricket and a lot of fun was being had.

The Girls teams continue on Tuesday and Wednesdays evenings. Good luck to all going forward.

U9s with manager George

On Sunday 9th May our U9s opened their campaign with a win at Brighton and Hove. Manager George wrote up a wonderful match report. He proclaimed a ‘nail biter’ at the Nevill where the hosts set 265 (pairs cricket). As the last balls came and went we won the game in the final moments. He said that the fans were very engrossed and entertained by the action.

This Sunday our U9s were rained off.

U10s on a Sunday with Ralph

We covered their 1st game at Lewes P live on 1st May. Lewes batted 1st in pairs format. Nomads were strong with the ball and made some good stops in the outfield. There were some excellent cover drives in the response as the Nomads took victory. Manager Ralph was very proud of the team.

Since then the team have been marred by the weather (and they are in good company on that score!)

U11s on a Sunday with Peter.

We got to speak with Manager Peter F on 2nd May at the SCMG. His team had just beaten Newick quite convincingly. He said that things that were tried at nets played out well in game time. But above all and it was pleasing to hear that the lads had a great time being out there with their teammates.

Their game on 16th May was called off because of heavy and persistent rain in Burgess Hill.

U12s Off to a winning start on Mondays.

Our U12s under the guidance of Manager Joe Munro have completed two brilliant wins so far. They beat Southwick on 3rd May and then shared a thriller with Burgess hill on 10th May. Joe said to the whattapp group ‘ Superb death bowling from Liem left them needing 2 from the final ball. A peach of a ball took middle stump left Nomads with a one run victory’ Bowman says ‘ and perhaps a volley of celebration!!!’

Our U12s were meant to be in action this evening but thunderstorms have curtailed the fun.

U13s ECB victory and going well in league for Manager Tom H

At this stage on their cricket careers things start to get a little more ‘intense’ especially as the team competes in the National ECB U13s Cup. Tom H was delighted with his team when they beat Haywards Heath in the ECB 1st round on 2nd May. In a game that we brought you live it was tense from the 1st ball. Nomads scored 149 and in response Heath were sneaking up on the rails. But Nomads held their nerve to win by just a few runs.

In the league they beat Portslade on 6th May but lost to a very good Ditchling squad on 13th May.

U13s League cricket continues on a Thursday evenings. They play Ansty Under 13s in the next round of the Cup, date to be confirmed. But its one that we hope to bring you live!

U14s on a Tuesday Manager Rob Kusel

Our U14s have gotten off to a brilliant start by winning two league matches. They beat Ditchling in a close game on 27th April and then beat St Peters by 8 wickets on 11th May. Rob said to the whatssapp group ‘ a win in the final over with 4 balls to spare. It was closer than it should of been as St Peters were much improved! Stan had a good all round performance’

Our U14s continue!

U15s with Julian Musto

Our U15s got off to a great start with nice league win over St Peters on Monday 10th May. Cameron Hepburn top scored as Nomads chased down 109 with just 4 wickets down.

However its been rain misery for the lads as their ECB Cup match against Chi on 16th was cancelled and tonight their league game against Burgess Hill was thundered out!

U15s if you are reading things will get better!

Well there you have it. Bowman says ‘ rightly or wrongly I believe its all about having fun and picking up some basic skills and etiquette in those really early years in U9s 10s and 11s rather than the winning and losing. Things really do ‘heat’ in the years that follow. However it does seem that we have some very motivated managers and players at those early stages which I guess is going to stand our players at that level in good stead going forward. I may have to realign my thinking!? One thing is for sure that all our youngsters are learning a harsh lesson that the vagaries of awful English spring can wreck their cricket plans. Its a bitter pill to swallow but it will serve them well going forward. Don’t forget that we have lost a number of Adults games to the current weather pattern over our region. However things are going in the right direction and there is a real buzz around the place. Its carnage on a Friday night and that’s just parents rushing to the bar.

Lets keep that Junior intensity going Nomads !


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