Junior Coaching Programme

The coaching arrangements for the Club’s Junior section provides for three distinct groups.

The programme has been developed to:

  • give all our Juniors access to quality coaching and training by PNCC’s coaches and others.
  • enable all our Juniors to enjoy the game, while helping them improve their performances.
  • to nurture the needs of our younger Juniors and to help them improve their individual techniques, skills and teamwork as they grow older.
  • give our Juniors access to specialised one-to-one coaching.

The PNCC Junior Coaching Programme has THREE levels, to mirror that adopted by the ECB, with each level distinguished by one of the club colours to set it apart, with SIX defined age groups.


The stage should provide players with:

  • Fun
  • General movement and simple cricket skills
  • Game-based learning opportunities
  • Simple tactical elements
  • A range of sporting movements/experiences

1. U5-8 – softball

2. U9 & U10 – softball


The stage should provide players with:

  • Development of physicality
  • Improvement of cricket specific skills
  • Exposure to a wide range of experiences
  • Rules, tactics and strategies through game-based learning
  • Competitive opportunities
  • To become inquisitive about their own development

3. U10 & U11 – (pairs) hardball

4. U11 & U12


The stage looks to provide players with:

  • Awareness of their own individual needs
  • Individualised and skill-specific training programmes
  • Deliberate practise and a range of competitive opportunities
  • The development of athletic prowess
  • A quest for excellence

5. U13 & U14

6. U15 +