The Club Committee wishes to make it clear that it values greatly the Juniors (Boys and Girls) Sections of the Club and is committed to providing the very best facilities for all our youngsters.

We believe that the juniors will be more likely to enjoy their cricket and have more fun if they are well managed and receive top quality coaching.

As part of our continuing drive to develop these arrangements, the Club has produced a Preston Nomads Cricket Club – Policy for Juniors, to inform the juniors and their parents (or guardians) what they can expect of the Club. This is set out below.

Underpinning this Policy, are the following codes of conduct and Club Equity Statement

It is agreed that the Club will:

  1. ensure that all juniors are provided with equal opportunities, regardless of gender, ethnicity, disability or social status;
  2. safeguard and promote the well being of all juniors;
  3. ensure that juniors, their parents, the coaches and managers know that they are expected, at all times, to show respect and understanding for the safety and welfare of others;
  4. ensure high standards of behaviour from juniors at both practice sessions and at matches and will apply suitable disciplinary procedures in the event of persistent or serious examples of poor behaviour;
  5. ensure that juniors, their parents, the coaches and managers are encouraged to be open at all times and to share any concerns or complaints that they may have about the Club, with the Juniors Manager and Girls Manager;
  6. ensure that all fixtures are properly arranged and that a match manager is available for each game;
  7. ensure that all home matches are played on pitches that are safe for the age group concerned;
  8. ensure that coaching/training is provided by qualified coaches;
  9. ensure the suitability of all organisers, managers and coaches;
  10. ensure that all organisers, managers and coaches are aware of and committed to the Club’s Child Protection Policy;
  11. supervise and monitor the access to and use of practice facilities by juniors;
  12. ensure that the bowling machine at Fulking is never used by a colt/girl, but only by a designated coach or organiser; ensure that first aid kits are available in the pavilion at Fulking and provided to every age group organiser;
  13. ensure that the juniors wear cricket helmets when required to;
  14. ensure that juniors bowl no more overs for the Club than is recommended by the ECB for their particular age group;
  15. take all possible steps to supervise the taking of any prescribed medications, in accordance with the specific requests of the colt’s/girl’s parent/guardian;
  16. deal with an emergency concerning the health or welfare of a colt/girl;
  17. take all steps to restrict the carrying of drinks glasses outside the immediate pavilion area;
  18. carry adequate levels of insurance for public liability and personal accident cover.