Objective Shift for Threes after Sidney West Reversal. 25/05/2024

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Regular readers will know that our charismatic and passionate Third team skipper Faisal Khan, endorsed by yours truly, had tipped his talented squad up for promotion out of Division 6 come September 2024.  After three straight losses we have agreed to a change in objective for the team. More on that later.

St Andrews chase 180 just three down after 35 Overs.  Alex Ellis hits nine fours.

Under sunny skies and pleasant temperatures Fas got his day off to the perfect start by winning the toss and batting on what looked like a great day.   The feel-good factor continued for an hour as George Close Brooks and Muadh Khan (his first dib at opening for the club) went to 77 with out loss.  Muadh controlled seven boundaries in his inns.  It was at this point that Geroge called out for some pain killers as he started struggling running up and down.  Two paracetamols didn’t really help and unfortunately, he had to retire injured (hip).

It was at this point your press officer nipped off to coop for a spot of lunch (French baguette and ham) and was off the ground for 15 mins.  I do realise it’s my fault, but we were three down!  Fas, Micheal and Charlie just 13 runs between them.

Adam Rowland and Jamie Patrick then set about rebuilding.  Jamie asked me his advice as he was going in. I said stay there to the end.  The pair then went on to take the score from 90 odd through to 140 for 6 went Adam had to depart. He had scored 29 good runs with a huge six. Our new South African, Lian Fourie introduced himself with a huge six and some nice straight batting on route to 20. Patrick did what was asked and scored 40 not out as Nomads settled on 179 for 8 off the 40 overs.


The guys were pumped going out to field and then Felix and Lian thundered in. However, it was St As club legend Alex Ellis who quickly found his form hitting three or four boundaries off the new ball. The score quickly rose to 32 with out loss.  There was a lot of conflabs in the field in an attempt to slow the scoring rate. Unfortunately, Alex went on to a 66 ball 63 runs and perhaps man of the match Michael Platt took the game away. Platt finishing 55 not out off just 55 balls. The inns of the day!

Fas said to waiting media ‘not good enough at the moment, if you look at the results it isn’t going our way!’   You can see his full interview on the watssapp channel but Fas feels that his team need to bat more positively and form greater partnerships.  ‘Three losses are hard to swallow!’

Bowman said ‘Yes, our Third team are packed with talented cricketers both with experience and the up and coming. Huge congrats to Lian who I hope he enjoyed his first game with us. Lian can only make that squad stronger. In terms of a Nomads Man of the Match that goes to Muadh Khan who worked hard with his 8 overs and posted 37 up top.  However, we seem not to be playing as a team right now which makes winning games that much harder.  Our recognised batsman are getting starts but aren’t going on to get those 60s and 70s which are needed.  In the field we are leaking singles, and we gave 25 extras.  Our strike bowlers need to get amongst the top order much quicker.  I suggest our openers look at Nav for inspiration. Yesterday he took a wicket first ball of the inns!

Both Fas and I have agreed that with the Thirds at the foot of the table we are now looking at the next game and trying for 30 points rather than tipping up promotion. It’s a shift in objective!.

The boys are back at home on Saturday and have a great chance to put things right.

Colin Bowman 26/5/2024

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