Nomads Junior and Girls Vibe 2021.

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Welcome to the first, of we hope regular, updates from our Junior and Girls sections of the club. To the traditionalists it was always called the ‘Colts section’ but going forward we shall refer to the under’s as the Junior Section.  To all connections, players and parents please keep abreast of news, results and other stuff by following this website, Preston Nomads play cricket site and club social media sites.  

For many seasons Preston Nomads CC have had a proud tradition of bringing youngsters through the ranks. Sometimes on to 1st team level and beyond but sometimes just for a fun of playing the game we all love. We are dedicated to delivering the highest standard of coaching in the best and safest surroundings. Then allowing our Juniors to express their talents in a series of ‘appropriate’ matches running from late April through to early August. To accompany the summer school holidays players embark on intensive cricket festivals which are very enjoyable occasions.  As our players move through the year groups they blossom from the ‘chaotic and youthful exuberance’ of an U9s friendly through to real competitive nature of an U15s League game against rivals Brighton CC.   All the while instilling the values of sportsmanship, team spirit and correct cricket etiquette which will last through out their career in the sport.

In 2021 we are very lucky to have keen and experienced people at the helm ready to guide us through the coming months.  Your Welfare Officers are Andy Smith and Zuni Ibraham who are quietly working in the background looking after safety and welfare matters.  

Nav Patel, Director of Junior Cricket

Its an honour to be able to introduce such a brilliant and dedicated Director of Junior Cricket.   Nav, from New Zealand, arrived at the Nomads about 4 seasons ago as our ‘overseas’ signing.  He quickly established himself as our 1st team ‘new ball’ opening fast bowler virtually being an ever present in the squad.  Nav has vast amounts of experience both playing a high standard of cricket and coaching at Junior and Adult level.  Whilst his expertise is ‘with the ball’ Nav bats extremely well down the order. Indeed, last Saturday he hit two 6s to win our 1st team friendly against Three Bridges.

We are lucky to have him here at the Nomads I know that our Juniors will benefit enormously from his obvious cricket talents, hard work and friendly approachable manner. 

Ladies/Girls Cricket   Manager/Admin Rupert Corney     Coach  Malorie Short    

2021 see’s a renaissance in Ladies/Girls cricket here at the SCMG and its rather fantastic to welcome Rupert and Malorie to their respective roles.  Malorie, also from New Zealand, is a top-class female fast bowler who is currently operating in our 3rd team but is probably looking for progression.  Her debut performance last Saturday was 8 overs two for 30, an excellent return. 

With 30 players currently in training for the new season we will be hoping that each member progresses with their skill sets, have opportunities to play matches but above all thoroughly enjoy their Nomads experience.

U11s  Play matches on Wednesday starting at 6pm in the Newbery Sussex South League Soft Ball.  1st match is 5th May 2021 away at Hurstpierpoint. 

U13s   Play matches on Tuesdays starting at 6pm in the Newbery Sussex South East Pairs League. 1st Match is Tuesday 11th May at home to Hailsham.

I am sure all members and our sponsors would like to join me in sending huge messages of good luck and best wishes to Rupert, Malorie and players for the upcoming season.  We shall be keeping tabs on your progress.

U9s.   Managers George Close-Brooks and Charlie Hodgson

As eluded to above cricket at under 9s level is a sea of movement, noise and excitement.  Played at 110 miles an hour in a very small area with plastic ball it seems like the whole fielding team are on the move in unison all chasing the ball with batters tearing off at different angles.  Its cricket in its rawest state but infectious to watch and no doubt play in!  

 They play on Sunday mornings, 9.30 in the Newbery South friendly league.  1st game is on 2nd May 2021 away Keymer and Hassocks CC

U10s  Manager  Ralph Scrase

They play on Saturday mornings 9.30 start in the Newbery South friendly league.  1st game is on Saturday 1st May at Lewis Priory.

Just to note that the younger age groups play a format called ‘Pairs’.  Its quite a tricky thing to explain but all players have the opportunity to bat, bowl and field in most positions.  The score starts at 200 and goes up and down during the inns.  Don’t worry if you are new to the sport, it all becomes as clear as mud very quicky!

U11s  Manager Peter Forsythe

Pete, if you’re reading a massive hello from me and I look forward to watching you turn out for the Nomads during the season.  Can’t wait to catch up!   Cobo.

They play on Sunday mornings. 9.30 starts in the Newbery South friendly league.  1st game is 2nd May at home to Newick.

U12s Managers Joe Munro and Abdul Hamadi

At this level players will probably be relieved to be getting away from ‘Pairs’ cricket and plastic balls.  It all standard stuff from now on playing 20 overs a side with a proper ball.  Perhaps annoyingly for the top batters its 25 and you have to retire!

They play on Monday evenings at 6pm in the Newbery South League.  1st game is at home on Monday 3rd May 2021 verses Southwick.

U13s  Managers Tom Hutchinson and Zuni Ibrahim

At this level things get a bit more serious as players have the exciting opportunity to play in the Newbery Sussex Cup with the final on 5th August 2021.   Their 1st but hopefully not the last chance to experience knock out cricket is Thursday 29th April 6pm at home to St Peters.   

There is also a competitive League to be fought for on Thursday evenings 6pm.  They start at Portslade on 6th May 2021.

U14s   Manager Rob Kusel

They play just league matches on Tuesdays at 6pm in the Newbery South League.   It’s a brilliant start to the campaign as our U14s won their 1st match on 27th April. Rob messaged his congratulations to the whattapp group citing a brilliant batting display enabling a score of 149 for 2.  A score which was enough to fend off Ditching who came up 20 runs short. 

They are next in action on 11th May 6pm at St Peters.

U15s  Manager Julian Musto

At this level things get a bit more serious as players have the exciting opportunity to play in the ECB Cup which is a National competition.  In the 1st rounds it’s all a local vibe but if you keep winning there is no limit as to how far a team might have to travel.   I once recall an organised coach trip to the south Midlands for an excellent Nomads U15 team in an area final. 

Julian, if you are reading, I always believe that a club like ours at both Adult and Junior level it is extremely important that we try to go deep into these National competitions.  No pressure then!

In addition to the ECB Cup the U15s Newbery South league vibe (Monday evenings 6pm) also becomes very serious with club bragging rights up for grabs.  By this stage, players, who have been with the programme since U9s will be fully aware of this which will enhance that team spirit and Nomad’s ethos. Brighton CC are lurking in the group and our U15s travel to the Nevil on 7th June.

Plus, they will be looking for recognition for opportunities into men’s cricket (ie regular starts in Saturday Nomad league cricket) and perhaps progress into various professional pathways.   

The 1st ECB Cup game is on Saturday 15th May away at Chichester 6pm start and the league kicks off 10th May 6pm at St Peters.

U16s Managers Danny Poynting and Claire Tucker  

They play on Wednesday evenings at 6pm in the Newbery Sussex South league.  1st game Wednesday 16th May at Portslade.

U18s Manager the one and only  Kash Ibrahim

At this stage of their career’s players will be saying goodbye to Junior cricket and hopefully most of them will be operating at other levels here at the club.  Having Kash as manager is a real bonus owing to his wealth of talent and expertise on tap.  It will be a sad day for most players as they play their last Junior match.

Well, there you have it, an in-depth look at our Junior and Girls vibe for 2021.  If you are still reading well done!   My message to everyone connected is to try and fully immerse yourselves to the rich set of opportunities afforded here at the club and get involved.  Good luck to everyone, hope you have a successful season and above all enjoy every Nomad moment between here and September.

Cobo  Club Match Day Press Officer. 

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