Ninjas News. from 28th May 2023

Published On: June 4, 2023Categories: News and Reports

Ninjas have FOUND their form again!!!! Brilliant team effort with wickets falling,  4’s being hit and balls being caught EVERYWHERE🙌 Debuts for 3 Ninjas today and they were awesome. The bowlers were superb and we fielded tighter than a tight thing on a tight day in tightmanistan. The jury decided catches win matches and more would be made if we came in off the rope! Special mention to our juniors with the young legs Olive and Ella it was it Ella and Olive?! They adapted to the changes on the day like pros, I still owe them both barman Phil’s biggest ice cream. Onwards Ninjas let’s not lose this winning streak, more champagne to be popped soon (thanks Jen) 🏏🥷Coach Mal we are BACK

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