Conditions a Surprise on 7th August!

Published On: August 8, 2021Categories: News and Reports

10 Points all around.

The BBC weather forecast for our region wasn’t, lets face it, very good for early August with light rain showers generally predicted both in Fulking and to the north of Sussex. Perhaps most of us were thinking that it might of been a ‘trying’ day with interruptions a plenty but with a hopeful completion of some or all our four Senior Games.


1st Team at Three Bridges Sussex Prem 10 points a piece.

As I drove up the A23 towards Three Bridges the heavens opened in a near monsoon vibe with wipers going ten to the dozen. On arrival there were large puddles on the outfield and water had also got under the pitch covering. Having seen that and the fact there was no sign of life it was no surprise to learn that the game had been abandoned.

With no other Prem games completed it was 10 points all around and as you were. Dan and his squad still carry a huge advantage in the Sussex Premier League as we go again on Saturday.

Virtually No Play at Fulking

From messages coming out of Fulking there was a lot of effort in trying to get our 2s and 3s matches underway. On the South Square there was time for Stuart Pulford to take a pole for the 3rd team against Ifield who got to 21 for 1.

Our 2s were destined for a 3pm T20 game against Billingshurst.

However terminal and cricket wrecking rain turned up to leave 10 points all around and both teams still in a relegation scrap as we head into Saturday.

Many Thanks Forrest Row !

Thanks to a Herculean effort and hard work by the Forrest Row players and ground staff our 4s under the guidance of skipper Stephen Oliver, did manage to get 19 overs of bowling in. A delayed start with covers being taken off under blue sky at 2.30 it looked for some while that the effort was going to be rewarded. By 3.30 a shower had Row running for the covers once more. Again blue sky allowed for them to be removed once more as Jonah starred with two for 15. As the game was simmering away with Row 90 for 4 a heavy and persistent rain burst finally dashed all resolve as the skippers shook hands, you guessed it 10 points a piece.

Our 4s were in a good place as that final rain came through and it bodes well for the remainder of the season.

Well there you have it. August has traditionally been a pretty dry month here in the South East but not yesterday!

We quickly move on !


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