U13s Hold ECB Bowl OFF Nerve at Bromley

Published On: July 4, 2021Categories: Junior Cricket News, News and Reports

Regular readers will fully appreciate that our U13s are becoming star’s of the 2021 Nomads media suite as they saw off no less than five Sussex oppositions, including Brighton to become Champions of Sussex. Under the Management of Tom H the lads play with real passion for the game and hold a keen team spirit and will to win. The squad play a huge role in their success and players are rolled in and out of the team. The other part of the jigsaw is a willingness to practice hard in the SCMG nets. IT’S ALL PAYING OFF!

This morning the Team all gathered at Bromley Cricket Club for the next exciting adventure. Some traveled up on the day while others stayed overnight with pizza and England on the tele. Unfortunately a monsoon rain cloud drifted over the ground to create havoc and a waterlogged pitch. It soon became clear that a full game wasn’t going to be possible and as ECB mandate had it the result had to be settled on the day.


The full clip can be seen on whatsapp of what transpired but it can be revealed that


For all concerned a bowl off isn’t the best way to settle a game of this importance but if you are going to play cricket as an adult at any level this will be a fantastic lesson in how the weather can affect the sport we all love.

The boys are now at Esher next Sunday, details to follow.


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