Nomads Need Swift Improvement to Realise 2023 League Dreams

Published On: July 9, 2023Categories: News and Reports

Saturday Round Up 8th July 2023

Morning Nomads.

Our season is flashing past in a blink of an eye and we sit here Mid July operating through the crucial engine room part of our respective campaigns.  All four teams started the season well and made good strides up the League table which was very pleasing.  However just two wins from the last eight games has taken huge chunks out of the gains made. Having done this for a decade now I know how important it is not to lose focus at this stage of a campaign.  July is the time to get the peddle down and secure as many points as possible.

Having been heavily involved with all our Senior teams over the past weeks I know how hungry and ambitious you all are for 2023 League success.  Even our youngsters are talking about it and wanting it badly.  But unfortunately, that success will only come with a volley of victories, and lots of them.

Right Nomads if we do want that success, I personally challenge every member to win nine out of the remaining 11 July League matches. And Three’s STOP GIVING AWAY EXTRA’S!

Josh Clarkson is the Real Deal in EB Draw.  Sussex Premier League

I have said it on a few occasions, but Josh has been a real gem of a find as our 2023 Oversea’s Player.  He has settled in well here at the club and is a well-respected member of our 1st team. He has taken a bucket full of wickets and then yesterday showed his class with a powerful and eye catching knock of 180 at the Saffrons.  Huge congrats to him.

But in timed cricket you need to take 10 wickets and as alluded to in the pre match preview bottom club EB can bat.  They did that well and despite three wickets from the Skipper comfortably held on for a draw.  It’s a result which contains our Ones into 4th place.

Chris Borsoi 43 Not Nearly Enough for the Twos.  Div 3

For the 2nd week running our Twos batting line up has failed to ignite leaving us exposed to back-to-back Division 3 losses.  Glynde travelled in pensive mood after an indifferent start to the season but would have left the SCMG cock a hoop.  Chris Borsoi 43 off 52 balls was the mainstay of a well below par 162 all out.

Stuart Faith 4 for 28 and Ravi 3 for 40 gave us hope of snatching a win but Glynde chased it down quite comfortably in the end with just 33 overs gone.

Our Two’s are now in 4th position but are still in a great position after results went for them yesterday.

Our Twos are stacked with ‘gun’ cricketers with years of experience and desires of a promotion spot isn’t just a pipe dream.  I believe in you guys!!!

Extra’s Threaten Fas’s Dream   Div 6  

Our Three’s are multitalented and highly energised with an effervescent skipper who has a dream of promotion this season.  As a club we are totally behind the effort!

However, that dream is hanging by a thread due to one thing and one thing only and that is the burgeoning extra’s column.  Yesterday we gave an ultra-competitive Palmers 45 yes 45 (33 wides) as they racked up 278.

I would love to be eulogising about a wonderful opening knock from Chris of 44 and a brilliant 79 from Jacques in a win. However, it’s another loss and fall to 4th place in Division 6.

Threes sort it out please.

In Conclusion

Guys we are doing OK but that’s traditionally not how we roll.  I know you all want it, heading off to that end of season Sussex League dinner to celebrate a clutch of silverware and promotions.  But to achieve that the hard work starts right now.  Let’s get loads of July wins shall we.  If we don’t the 2023 League season is gone!


Ps I am now on a week’s holiday with Mrs Bowman so will not be around next Saturday.


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