Mals Hove Tilt Bangwagon Rolls On 7/6

Published On: July 8, 2024Categories: News and Reports

Sussex T20 Plate Quarter Final Win at Rottingdean

‘I can visualise this team playing at Hove’ said a very proud Malorie Short after her team won a tough quarter at trick Rottingdean.

It was the complete team performance but Luke G (my man of the match) nicknamed the Turkey stood up after a golden duck to take four very important wickets. You can see a full interview with Mal Luke and Taylor on Watts up.

The champagne moment arrived late in the 1st inns when Taylor Cox with proud mum watching on hit the perfect straight six against the wind.  Taylor if you are reading you know what I think. Do more of that !!!

The team now look forward to a home semi later in the summer. but for now it’s back to the league.

As always Luke sends a hugely entertaining piece!

Today’s column;

Date; 7th July 2024
Location; A dry (?) Rottingdean
Oppostion; Rottingdean 3rd XI

Like a caterpillar entering a chrysalis and appearing as a beautiful butterfly, our resident wild turkey found his wings are soared like a Tuah Hawk!

The Sunday afternoon forecast resembled the collective feeling of the 4s after a schooling from Scaynes Hill, miserable! Mal demanded a higher collective standard and manifestation to win, a gap in the clouds permitted us to do so.
Winning the toss (Yes Mal!) we inserted ourselves.
The t20 winning formula of Hutchinson and Oliver to open got us started nicely on what quickly became an evidently dicey wicket.
Strong cross winds, big boundaries and undualations suited to Tadej Pogacar’s climbing, meant finding the rope was difficult. Stephen and Tom opted to run 3s! More broncos on a Thursday night may be the order of the day Coach Poole. Tom unfortunately was the wrong side of a dubious LBW brought Mike to the crease, who worked with said cross breeze to melt the first six of the game over the long boundary.
With 1 brings 2, Mike well caught, saw the plucked turkey swiftly returned to the hutch also. Stephen recognised his need to anchor and worked very well with Ollie and Bubble before the latter’s retirement through injury. Joe Scorey (what a nice young man) brought some genuine shotmaking to the engine room whilst Mal reverse swept and Taylor boshed! We closed on 109 for 8. The Rotters barman suggested 80 was the par score, promising stuff.

Mal and Taylor to start and as usual, wickets quickly followed – the start we really needed. Taylor with one in his first and second (including a Mason Crane lookalike), Mal with one in her second really meant we were in the driving seat at 18-3 from the powerplay. Both with 4 wickets for their weekends work!
Tall Luke and Taller Turkey Luke took over. It was the flightless wonder who told Mal on Saturday night “you don’t know, how high I can fly!” (M.Scott 2008) who takes the headlines. 4 for 7 from 4, including a middlesex 2s ringer was probably champagne moment of the season so far. I hate to give the guy credit but it was genuinely fantastic. I suspect we’ll see him bowling on Saturday. See Cobo’s whatsapp updates for Luke’s highlight reel!
On his Birthday Danny took the other 3 wickets with some gile, spin and decent Mitts from Joe and Tom. Typically Danny was very low key about it (birthday and wickets). I hope plenty of celebratory cake has been enjoyed with Coley this evening.

We get excited for the semis (yes, much innuendo after the game) on 18th August at Fulking. It would be great to have a 12th man to see us through to the county ground, over to you sports fan.

Thanks to Garthy for his umpiring excellence and somewhat negative reinforcement to get Luke firing.
Thanks to those that made the journey to support.
Cheers to you Luke for a clucking good day!
4s back in business!



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