Louis scores 50 as 4s Progress (Sussex T20 Plate) in the Velodrome Sunshine 16/6/24

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Our 4s 2024 wonderful journey, under the positive influence of Skipper Malorie Short, took a new course on Sunday as that September Hove Show Case become one step closer.  

Under beautiful sunshine and with a large travelling support, including our Club Captain, our 4s lined up against St Peters in their famous Velodrome home Preston Park. Things went well from the 1st moment as Mal won the toss, her second on the trot, and decided to bowl.

Luke sends a wonderful report below on proceedings but just a couple of things from the Press Officer.  Huge thanks to St Peters for hosting and good luck for the rest of the season. This morning, I put a clip on your twitter site of ‘that catch behind’ and subsequent celebration.

Luke has left it with me to pick the champagne moment and MOM award. Here goes.  Danny P was fielding on the ropes as James McGuinness (47) was looking to take the score away.  However, he hit a massive shot which was swirling and dipping. It fell towards Danny who took two steps left and then took it as cool as a cucumber. Nonchalant!  I think that moment turned the game.

As to MOM I am going to upset the batting fraternity.  Lou was fantastic out there and it looks as though we have a real talent on our hands. Selectors take note!!  However, I felt at the time this match was won in the 1st few overs with our strike bowlers doing extremely well. Taylor Cox continues to impress, and he came up with 4 wonderful overs. One Maiden one for 12.  Taylor you are the MOM!

Carl Poynting summed up nicely ‘I have really enjoyed my day it’s been fun, this team play very clever cricket and can go on to win this competition.!’ He then said ‘I love my dad; he took a great catch’

Mal said after ‘if I am being critical, we gave away a few too many in the field but I am super proud of this team!’

Lou sent out a rallying cry about Hove and Nomads having two teams representing ‘that would be some day!’

Lastly, Ted if you are reading, I know you didn’t get a bat or bowl which you didn’t question , but you were a ‘gun fielder’ all day and got things moving with a brilliant catch.  Your contribution was huge!

Next round Sunday 7th July 2024 at Rottingdean.  MAKE A DATE!


Cobo x


Date; 16th June 2024
Location; Preston Park
Opposition; St Peter’s 4th XI

Geronimo! And to the next round we go!

Huge thanks to Andy Garth for coming out to Umpire.

The T20 Cup generates appeal that perhaps league cricket can not quite muster. For starters, there were no signs of watermelon vape clouds in the ring! Secondly, there were scouts on the bleachers for this one. On that note, good luck Nav & Cannon negotiating the release of 4th team players for Hastings next week (the smart money is on Mal in this one).
St Peters share a spot in Div 9 with us, so we’ve been aware of their form to date. Some struggles with the bat this year informed Mal’s decision to stick’em in after another toss win – look at her go.
We continued with our winning formula Mal to open and Taylor to Swiftly… follow.
Swifty had his first in his opening over thanks to an excellent take at backward point from Ted Buckets. Please see the Whatsapp for Cobo’s adept filming (shame the video didn’t capture Ted working on his golf swing approximately 2 seconds before the ball nestled into his hands).
Mal and Taylor kept it tight to a watchful pair, with Taylor bowling through his spelling taking 1 wicket, 1 maiden and a measy 12 runs against to his name.
Wickets needed and a look to some experience and gile, Hick with a wicket in his first to break the back of 40 run partnership.
I chipped in with a couple from the other end, all thanks to the phenomenal catching of Danny who held onto a swirling high one at deep cover followed by arguably an even more phenomenal catch from Tom (it’s a Hutchinson highlight reel!) who made up ground on a dropping ball, a huge dive and the ball nestled into his left hand millimeters from the deck.
Mal brought herself on to bring the innings to a close, taking 2 poles and more imperious figures. The battle for leading wicket taker continues.
St Peters finished on 121/6, probably par for the course with some scratch catching (and practice swings, Teddy!)
We continued with our T20 winning way as Senior Hutch and Senor Oliver to opening. St Peter’s were clearly no mugs with the ball in hand! The experienced and agiled gents at the crease were made to work for their runs. A solid platform built by way of some classy on drives allowed Handsome Mike to go in and do as he does, bothering dog walkers back over the bowlers head. However, a couple of quick wickets kept the game firmly in the balance. At the halfway stage, we were halfway to our target. Could Louis and David get us home?
“Don’t worry, I’ve got this” affirmed Louis.
51* from 31 should tell you, he absolutely had it! David rotated the strike well to keep Louis ticking. Middling the ball to all areas, in a game that looked a little nervy 15 minutes earlier Louis was the undoing of St Peters. 122 runs accumulated in 18 overs, we’d won by 7 wickets.
“Say Geronimo” was being belted out by Cole. It looks like we’ve got ourselves a juicy cup tie and a belting cup anthem!
Cobo as spectator supermo can determine post match honours;
Player of the match; DannyP
Champagne moment;  Taylor Cox
Although Luke Turkey Griffith had sown up another week with the headgear, opting for a weekend of golf rather than cricket. Remember Turks, you can always practice your swing at backward point. Gobble gobble!

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