Jamie Patrick shines but it’s a Poor Day in the Office! 15/6/24

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After an excellent start to 2024 us Nomads experienced a bit of a knock yesterday as our 1s and 4s were stuck in neutral while the 2s and 3s experience the old reverse one two at HQ. Jamie Patrick lifted the spirits late on with an unbeaten 97 but it wasn’t enough for the Threes.

I suppose that five glorious Saturdays had to come to an end at some point. That happened yesterday as dark rain clouds gathered over our region all morning.  There was some hope that all four games might head towards a conclusion as the late afternoon forecast was better.  Unfortunately, our 4s under the guidance of Mal, had to settle for net practice and 10 Division 9 points as their game at Ansty was called at 10am.

Rain in Horsham  Sussex Premier League

Cricket and weather are so inextricably linked, and it was the later who won the day at Horsham. I am sure that players,officials,officers and fans alike were very excited about the prospect of two Sussex giants butting heads in a 110 over game at a wonderful facility. Both teams arrived with a galaxy of star names, it would have been a cracker.  However, despite hard work by the Horsham ground staff and will from the players/umpires that rain just kept falling at the wrong times leading to a rain out and 10 points apiece.

Twos Lose to Heath on the North    Sussex Division 2

‘We didn’t score enough!’ says Captain James.

After the morning rains cleared Fulking our Twos set about batting in a T20 match against Haywards Heath.  Kobe Herft made a blistering start scoring 31 off just 16 balls.  Ollie G made a run a ball 35 while Bartosh-Short made 15 down the order.  We finished on 134 off the 20.

Unfortunately, that was never going to be enough after Padalker and Livingstone put on 56 runs between them.  J did get a wicket with his first ball which gave a slight glimmer.  But that’s all it was!

30 points to Heath and a damaging 4 to the Nomads

James said later ‘I probably made an error in batting first. After a good start we clearly didn’t get enough runs Of the table he said ‘I haven’t really looked at the table but it’s a certainty that if we cant start picking up wins we will go down!

Despite 97 no from Jamie Three’s Lose Again.   Div 6  

Afternoon sunshine replaced morning rains our South Square looked imperious as the Threes and Balcombe lined up a reduced 28 over a side match.  Fas won the toss and slung them in.

Unfortunately, in this game it doesn’t matter how well you are bowling or fielding if you give up 37 extra’s in 28 overs you are going to be up against it. If you are a top order batsman there is nothing which gives you more confidence than when the score board is ticking over nicely and you’re not doing the work.

Dutton 55 and Blackburn 43 were main stays of 203 for 6 followed quickly by extra’s.

In contrast Balcombe gave up a miserly 6 extras which meant we had to work that much harder.  Jamie Patrick at three played a great knock and was the mainstay of 182 for 9 off the 28 overs. But ultimately it was disappointment for the team coming up 21 runs short and Jamie as he failed to make that ton.

In other thoughts huge thanks to Maggie for looking after the bar and the Tea operatives. It was a very busy day in the club house but as usual you guys stood up to the plate.  Also thanks to Chris Baker who was on hand to for Ground Keeping duties. Under those rainy conditions it was commendable to get two matches on and completed.


In conclusion.

None of us can control the weather and we could just gloss over what was in real terms quite a damaging day.  However, a few words do need to be said.

Our Ones have been fantastic in the Sussex Prem thus far and there is nothing we could have done about the 10 points yesterday.  However, as the dust settled last evening it can be revealed that Cuckfield actually played a full game and won picking up 30 points. Our Premier League cushion has vanished and indeed we are now 2nd in the league.  Hastings at home next Saturday is huge!

Our Twos were and still are favs for the dreaded drop back into Division 3. But after a great win against Burgess Hill and two other 14 point hauls they had given themselves a real shot at remaining in this coveted and competitive league. But yesterday’s 4 point gain was a bit of a kick and the table is looking a little ‘worrisome’ this morning.  We go to the Saffrons on Saturday against an Eastbourne team in a very similar situation.  It’s a biggie!

The Threes are rocking in Division 6 and those 11 points from yesterday didn’t help a great deal. Faz said some really lovely things to his team in the post-match huddle, but he did implore them to get to mid-week training. There is a gap developing at the bottom of Div 6 but things can be instantly put right with a victory at Lindfield on Saturday. Its bottom v 2nd bottom.

Promotion wasn’t on the agenda for the Fours Div 9 but Mal is competitive and ambitious.  Two excellent qualities which her team are loving right now.  Unfortunately, the top team played yesterday won and put daylight in the title race.  Mal will be wanting to take a win against St Peters on Saturday.

Now is the time we all put out foot to the floor here at the Nomads. As we go into high summer lets make sure we do all we can to get that win ratio through the ceiling.


Cobo 16/06/2024

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