Can Ninja’s Play After a Big Nite?? Writes Mel 31/7/2022

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The question on everyone’s lips…how would the Ninja’s shape up after going out out?

Early mutterings of it being a bit more humid than usual and requests for paracetamol were parked as the Ninjas warmed up ready to attack.

Following a timely Friday bar restock the Ninjas proudly donned their Nomads caps to take on the Brighton Blasters.

Ninja Lou applied some brilliant bowling pressure keeping the Blasters bamboozled, some using multiple body parts to prevent the bails from falling. Ninja Sarah C produced a great spell of bowling and was rightly rewarded with a Blaster spooning it up to Ninja Susanna (great brownies) catching it gracefully like a beach ball.

Wicket keeper Ninja Sarah T, possibly seeing more than one ball at times
pinging towards her was a safe pair of hands behind the wickets and took a great catch.
Ninja Emma struggled occasionally to coordinate arms and legs but managed a few nice stops on the boundary.

Ninja Susanna finished off the bowling with an awesome display of aggression and accuracy.

After keeping the Blasters pinned back we knew they would come out ready to bowl at the Ninjas. The mighty Blasters certainly looked all fired up, practicing their actions and switching fielding positions pre-play,
however failed to bring the ball out with them.
Ball found, Ninja Helen had decided to run hard and was determined that a minimum of 2 runs was the only acceptable outcome for any scenario or ball bowled. A good strategy and the opening partnership secured a healthy 37 runs.

Ninja Pauline produced some fantastic batting and pinged the ball in all the gaps making the Blasters chase around the pitch. Take that Blasters….

At Friday’s training a certain Ninja had asked in the training debrief ‘how do you score a 6?’ Coach Ninja Mal, perhaps protective of her bottle of wine incentive prize for such a feat, was unsure how to respond…top tip was ‘don’t try to hit each ball for a 6 because you might get bowled’. It was windy at Nomads on Friday night because Captain Ninja Sian must have misheard and managed to hit 4 awesome 6’s. The Blasters were defeated and the cheer from the Ninja’s was possibly louder than the first team who had won their cup match.
The unbeaten Ninja’s fuelled by Prosecco, Pimms and 1am Joe’s burgers had produced a mighty victory.
As ever talk quickly turned to tours and how we can play more of this beautiful game.
Thank you so much Ninja Cathy for coming along and supporting us all. Thanks to Louis for your support of ladies day and to Maggie and Phil for keeping the drinks flowing.
Coach Mal delivered another sage post match debrief. Ninja Mal continues to top us up with confidence and have a good giggle at the same time, onwards and upwards mighty Ninjas

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