2024 Spring Newsletter – LETS GO NOMADS!

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Hi All

Season 2024 is just around the corner and judging by following pieces it does seem that there is a lot of positivity around the SCMG. So, Sit back, relax and enjoy.

Nomads Season 2024 Is Here. Let’s Go Win Things! Colin Bowman

Rosalind becomes our first Lady Chairperson while Malorie becomes our 1st Senior Team Lady Captain

Hi Nomads, I hope your all well and are hankering to get out there winning games of cricket for Preston Nomads Cricket Club.

Welcome to the 2024 Spring Newsletter where first up we hear from Rosalind Eaton our new Chairperson. I would like to be the first to congratulate Rosalind on her new role in the club and look forward to working with you as time goes by. Malorie Short has been a real star for this club both in our 4th team environment and the Women’s vibe. Its a real feather in our cap that Mal has been appointed 4th team Captain for the upcoming season. Mal if you are reading good luck from all of us!

In this Newsletter we hear from our Captains Nav 1st team, James 2nd team and Faisal 3rd team. The SCMG is swiftly getting back to past glories with Ian Plumb and his team doing some wonderful things. He takes us into nity gritty of grass with his report. Our Junior Section is thriving, and we hear from David Dale our Juniors Secretary. We also hear from Mal about what’s instore for our increasingly popular Women’s Cricket vibe. We get the lowdown on perhaps one of the more important aspects of visiting the SCMG and that of course is the Bar and Kitchen. Phil sends word. Our Treasurer Stephen Oliver ‘wants your money!’ but he does advise us where it all goes to! Finally, our Fixture’s legend Tony Doctors updates us on some exciting dates to look forward to.

Let’s Take that late 2023 Vibe into 2024!

From me I want to take you back to a wonderful day we all shared at Hove last September when Nav and the 1st team picked up the coveted Sussex T20 Cup to a rousing reception from loads of us in the Ground. You will recall that it felt like a home game with many Nomad fans rebelling away the afternoon as a close-knit family. That type of feeling can only come with winning games of cricket. But it was clear that Nomads were showing full hints of past glories during the back end of 2023 as our Ones came 2nd in the Sussex Prem and our Twos beat Steyning in the Div 3 play off final. Indeed, on 2nd September we were all celebrating a clean sweep of victories on the last day of term.

Now isn’t the time to take our foot off the gas and let the grass grow under our feet. Its time to harness that late 2023 tilt and hit 2024 running. My challenge to every one of you is to do the boring simple things well and consistently, like a forward defence, a long barrier stop, always backing up, don’t give away extras and you will be amazed at how the big stuff takes care of itself. And never ever give up on any game no matter how behind you are, as we all know things happen very fast in cricket!

As always, I call for a massive club effort during the coveted 2024 ECB Cup. There is no reason why Preston Nomads can’t progress to the later stages. All players please make yourselves available for Sunday 12th May for our 1st round. Let’s give our 1st team skipper a real selection headache!

Oh, I have a nice bottle of Scottish Single Malt for the 1st Nomad League Ton of 2024. Make sure its you!

Let’s go out there and smash it!

Cobo Press Officer. 04/04/2024

From the Chair Rosalind Eaton

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to those who do not know me and to touch base with those that I already know.

As you’ll be aware Paul Hird resigned the Chair of PNCC at the AGM in January and I was delighted to be voted into the role.
While it’s wonderful to be the first female Chair of such a prestigious cricket club, I acknowledge that I am following in the illustrious footsteps of previous Chairs.

At Nomads we have a dedicated group of volunteers that keep all aspects of Nomads thriving. This takes considerable time and dedication to achieve. Hence, when Paul decided to step down, his fellow Trustees realised the job was a lot to ask a single person to undertake.

Therefore, the Chair’s job has been split into four, three Vice Chairs and a Chair. Paul has kindly agreed to stay on as VC Grounds. Adam Rowland is now our VC Cricket and Rupert Corney is our VC of Resources & Sponsorship.

Together with all of our other volunteers, we have created a very strong team to build upon the momentum of the last four years and keep moving forward.

By way of introduction, I first came to Nomads 11 years ago when my three sons were aged 6, 8 and 10 years old respectively. Finding myself at a cricket match or training almost every night, I decided to learn how to score. It was through scoring that I met some of the then Trustees and was invited to be part of the inaugural Nomad’s Junior Committee, whose mission is to integrate the significant junior section with the senior section of the club. I was then invited in 2020 to be a Trustee representing the junior section and I have been a Trustee for the last four years representing both the junior section and the club’s social committee.

Now, as I follow on from Paul as club Chair this is where we are now. Our, First XI who won the league in 2021 were runner’s up last season. Nav Patel is extremely keen to regain the league title in 2024 and is confident that he has a sufficiently strong team to achieve that goal. The Second XI, led by James McKemey, is now in division two and the objective for 2024 is to stay up. The Thirds are working hard for promotion driven by Faisal Khan’s positive energy and attitude. Our Fourths have the first lady captain of Nomads, Mal Short and we are all supporting her in her first season as captain.

Our ladies and girls’ playing section has progressed from an embryonic stage to a position where we have ladies’ hard ball and soft ball teams.

We have a thriving junior section with 200 members, several of whom are part of the Sussex Pathway and 30 of whom are girls.

The Social Committee was instigated in 2023 and hosts several events during the season to bring all the members of the club together.

We have a stunning ground and a new, very experienced, groundsman Ian Plummer. You can therefore expect to see Fulking back to its very best this season and we hope to have Sussex back soon.

I’d like to thank Andy Smith, who resigned recently from his role as deputy Chair after many years in the position. Also, thank you to Martyn Collins who has just completed his second term as the Nomads Treasurer. Stephen Oliver has kindly stepped into that role.

Furthermore, I’d like to acknowledge and thank the Spen Cama Cricket Foundation Trust and its Trustees for their ongoing support of Nomads to ensure that Nomads continues to be the premier cricket club in Sussex.

Thank you too, to Chris Bidwell for his work in his role as Nomad’s President .

The team and I will be in touch shortly with details of our first VP evening of 2024. However, the VP lunch at the MCC day on 31st July is already in the diary.

Any questions, thoughts or ideas, please contact me. I look forward to meeting you all soon.

Yours sincerely,
Rosalind Eaton

Heartbeat of our Club. The SCMG is getting back to its very best! Ian Plummer

Firstly, Id like to thank you all for the opportunity to look after the grounds at PNCC. Extra thanks go to Paul Hird who played a huge part in me choosing to leave Burgess Hill CC. It was a move that if I’m honest, I never thought Id make, but The SCMG is a special place and the challenge was one I couldn’t resist. The support Paul has given and the trust he has shown in me, has been invaluable and I am very grateful for that. I am excited by the challenge and the position and have no doubts things will be back to where we all want them. Since October 1st when I started in the role full time, things have been busy.

As I mentioned to Paul & Steve when I first came over to have a look, things were not disastrous but it would take some time to get completely back on track. I don’t believe there are many nicer looking amateur grounds in the country, but yes things have become a little tired and in need of attention. No way is that a criticism, because it’s a big area with so much vegetation that can quickly get away from you if left. I think those who have dared visit the depths of Fulking during the winter months, have noticed some of the work thats been done. Although, there is currently a skip in the car park, I have tried to get some spaces back. We do still have the large amount of sand/soil, but I have a few plans to get that shifted.

The hedges down the driveway and round the north west boundary on the main ground have all been cut and tidied. The four benches that were in place in the gaps between the hedge have all been replaced with ones that are much safer and less rotten. Those four came from around the pavilion, and like 80% of the outdoor furniture have been power washed and repainted. The hard stand areas have all been cleaned off and edged up, which definitely improves their appearance. To replace those benches with new ones would have cost in the region of £3000 so it made more sense to utilise some from other areas. There are three on the balcony if extra are needed. They have been power washed and await a paint. If the weather continues to be so wet, I will have the other 20% of the furniture done and ready for the season. The balcony is now clear of algae, moss and dirt and is now a nicer place to be, however I am aware that as a viewing area, the view is impaired by the wooden rail above the glass. All the shutters, outdoor mats, planting pots, and patio have been cleaned, as has half of the path that leads to the car park. The other half will be done in the next couple of weeks.

On the south ground a fair amount of trees and hedging have been removed from the western boundary fence line. This will hopefully allow more light to the playing surface and will also allow some sponsorship banners to be fitted to the fence. Overhanging trees and ivy by spen’s memorial garden, both score boxes and the driveway have also been cut.

The bin store area has been cleared which will hopefully mean our resident rats look elsewhere for their nourishment. With the grounds being so wet I am very reluctant to clean the artificial’s and sight screens as both jobs require a fair amount of water. Believe me neither grounds need that right now.

My intention has always been not to leave many jobs for Ground Force Day, but there is a possibility one or two things may need to be done if the weather continues to be an issue. I don’t need to tell anyone how wet it’s been but without doubt I’ve never known a wetter autumn/winter period in 33 years as a groundsman. Since September last year we have had 47 inches (1.2 meters) of rain and I’ll be honest, it would be very handy if it stopped now !!

On the south, the square is OK, marked out, healthy and has been cut regular into wicket bands, but far too wet to have any pre season rolling (PSR) as yet. The outfield is really not good. Over the past 6 weeks I have managed to get a couple of cuts in, but it’s so wet the risk of getting stuck is high. This is mainly down to the fact the outfield has a high clay content. However I don’t know of an amateur groundsman in most parts of the country, who isn’t in the same boat (literally). On the north side, things are more positive but large parts of the outfield need to be avoided. Unfortunately, I didn’t heed my own advice last week, as for the second year running I sunk the Toro ride on mower. Fortunately, it was on the boundary and I was able to raise the mower with the help of the tractor. You have probably seen from photos the parts of the outfield that can be cut, are looking good.

The north square is better than the south and has been able to take the heavy mower twice for some PSR. Along with regular cutting into wicket bands, I am happy with the condition. we just need it to start drying out !!

All of the new equipment the club has purchased has arrived. There are three new 8m domes on the north ground. The three 7.4m domes that were on the north are now on the south which means both grounds have decent domes. There are two new screens on the north to replace the ones damaged in a storm last September.

There are two new batting cages with 360 degree swivel wheels on a he north. This means there are two older ones that i’m happy to put where people think they will get used most. Kash has requested at least one go onto the south, which I will get done before the first training session on the 12th.

There is new rope for the north ground, meaning the older one can go to the south. Currently four small lengths of rope make up the south boundary so that will now be two maximum which will make life easier all round. The new rope on the north also now has a trolley to aid getting the rope in position.

With regards the grounds, last but by no means least, this season the grounds team will unveil the new look Nomads Chariot. Over the winter month our roller has been given a zhuzh up. New paint job in nomads colours, rubber matting and set of decals will help make it not just look great, but will also prolong it’s life. The paint used is a special rust prevention paint, so I hope you like it !! Oh and the BBQ has had the same treatment !!

Finally, Dan has confirmed to me this week that he will return to work on April 9th. I really hope he has enjoyed his time away and comes back refreshed and raring to go. If he does I’ve no doubts we will have a cracking 2024 season. Cheers


2024 is shaping up to be one of the most promising and exciting seasons yet. After a fairly successful 2023, the 1st XI are gearing up for 2024 with a clear vision in mind of going one step better and hopefully winning the Prem. We also want to defend our T20 Cup title and hope to have a deeper run in the ECB Cup…as opposed to bowing out first round to a bowl off like last year!

The shape of our squad is very similar to last year which reinforces the faith and belief we have of each other to get the job done. Our two contracted Sussex Pro’s, Zach & Danny are hungry to play again for Nomads when available which is pleasing. Our side and club as a whole has been bolstered by the addition of one more contracted young Sussex pro…Archie Lenham! We are thrilled to have Archie on board as a Nomad and along with Danny & Zach, the trio will be massive assets for our side with bat, ball and in the field.

Returning to the Club this year is Dan Phillips. Dan brings with him a wealth of experience and ability to score runs in any situation. Looking forward to having back around the group and he has already proven his worth throughout the Winter.

Jonty Jenner will turn out for Nomads again and will have the added responsibility of Vice Captaincy for the 1s this year. A brilliant individual on and off the field so I have no doubt will lead from the front.

So given the new additions to our 1s side there wasn’t a requirement for an Overseas. We have outstanding depth which will ultimately flow down to the 2nd XI and below. Having the 2s in Div 2 is fantastic and to stay and compete in that Div against other club 1st XI’s will be challenging but the depth at our club will help with this.

Winter nets have been amazingly well attended with some great skills on show. There is a buzz and sense of anticipation to get outside and get cracking with the season.

The 1st XI will continue to play an aggressive and fearless brand of cricket and with the players we have, I think there could be some very entertaining and exciting performances throughout 2024. We hope this results in a bit of silverware come September!

Nav Patel
1st XI Captain

From the Twos, James M

As we enter my final year of my reign as captain, we face a stiff test in Div 2 as the highest ranked 2nd XI in the Sussex League, competing exclusively with 1st XIs replete with overseas pros. We’ve been in Div 2 once before, in my 1st season in post – the 2021 season, where we finished 2nd bottom (comfortably ahead of our only 2nd XI rival) and were relegated. Note that 3/10 teams are relegated from Div 2 each year (with 2 promoted), so if we aren’t at least capable of beating all the other teams, we won’t hang around.

But with the 1st XI looking strong, our own youngsters a year older and wiser, and enough very old experienced players still enjoying their cricket and making themselves available, I’m confident we have the players to compete properly at this level. Turning that potential into results will be the challenge. But I believe Preston Nomads should have its 2nd XI in the 2nd Division. We want to be providing the 1st XI with not just 11 players, but a larger squad who can play and win in the Premier League, and we want to give those players who aren’t getting picked a high standard to test their skills week in week out. This makes the 2s a high quality environment that our best youngsters can be proud to be picked for, thrive within and learn fast from. So staying at this level is the goal.

Focusing on a few of our players (those not mentioned should see that as no sleight), as per Nav’s report, competition for the 1s should be brutal, and we hope to profit from that. It’s not certain who we will be blessed with week in week out, but it looks like Jaedyn could be a back with us, one part or more of the massively talented and important Khan Continuum (Baalaaj, Mani, Zayn) will be massive for us, and I’ve got my eyes on thieving basically all the 1st XI, whenever possible.

On the youth front, our two Bunbury bros (Adam Ibrahim and Rudy Northcott) have both impressed in winter nets, and we expect to see match winning performances from both. But they aren’t the only young Nomads impressing. We’ve also got a couple of new, young signings likely to take to the field with the 2s. Then the old time Dads will be called upon to deliver the goods, and we’re excited to see the likes of Kashif Ibrahim, Aaron Phillips, Stuart Faith, Stu Pulford, Rob Wakeford etc signed on again and raring to go (when available). And, of course, my trusty side-kick VC Ollie Gatting will soon be a married and more level-headed man.

On the negative side, we’ve lost last year’s player of the year Daniel Lategan to a pro-contract in Worcestershire (not that he’d have played 2s cricket in 2024 anyway!), LOB has crossed the downs to the Neville, Chris Borsoi will not be available in 2024 and Owen Kernan is currently rehabbing an achilles injury that will see him out for the first part of the year.

So, a big challenge, but strong resources (availability permitting) to tackle it. And we love a challenge.

James McKemey

Third Team Discussion. Faisal

2024 season is upon us and as always I am more excited than ever, we finished 3rd last season and were quite frustrated as we were one win away from a back to back promotion, we can talk about iffs and buts but last season is now history and the 2024 season is here for us to make history.

The 3rd team squad is shaping up to be the strongest 3XI we have had over the last 2 years so that’s a positive already and all players are more into performing and doing well for the team.

We know the things we need to work at and the drawing board is full of all the stuff we need to put straight before our first league match on the 11th of may. The team is packed with some new faces, some youngsters who are willing to step up and the old guards who are excited to share and show their experience on the field.

Faisal Sadduai

Mal sends word from the 4s. Lets seize the initiative! Exciting 2024 to Come.

First and foremost, I extend a heartfelt thank you to Stephen for his dedicated work over the past few years. The shoes left by his departure are undeniably large, but I embrace the challenge wholeheartedly! As the captain of the 4th XI this year, I am excited by our prospects. Promotion lies well within our grasp, and the impressive turnout at winter nets has translated into tangible improvements in our shot selection and bowling accuracy week after week.

When we step across that boundary rope, our mission is clear: to play aggressive cricket, seizing the initiative from the very start. I want our opponents to both fear and respect us, and I want our team to finish each game knowing they gave it their all, regardless of the outcome. There’s a lot of youth coming through this year, and I can’t wait to give them an opportunity and watch them grow. Congratulations to my right-hand man, Luke Owen, who has been appointed as the vice captain. Luke’s positive energy and unwavering support will play a crucial role in integrating our young talents. Here’s to an exciting 2024 season


Women’s and girls Cricket here at the SCMG

Our foundation at Preston Nomads for women and girls has been steadily growing stronger, and it’s truly exciting to witness this continued progress. A heartfelt thank you goes out to everyone who has supported and volunteered along the way.

The under 11 softball girls are fearlessly transitioning to hardball this year, and their dedication during training sessions is truly inspiring. Meanwhile, the under 13s are stepping into the under 15 league, poised as strong contenders for the trophy. Our ladies’ softball league team also has the potential to clinch victory this year.

In addition, we’ve introduced a women’s hardball team, composed of some under 15 players and seasoned ladies. This team serves as a gateway toward a future First XI ladies’ side. Here’s to an exciting 2024 season!

Nomads Junior Cricket News from David Dale and Committee

With our winter nets coming to an end, we are all getting excited about the return to outdoor training. For the 2024 season we have over 180 juniors playing for Nomads with the first games beginning in late April.

This season the kids will be receiving new playing tops, for this 2-year cycle we’re trialling coloured kit for the first time. All of our girls teams will be playing in maroon coloured tops and black leggings. The boys will remain with the white tops for this cycle, but we will have team sets of full coloured kit for the U13 and U15 teams to play in their ECB cup games. Our plan is to review the coloured kit with a view to moving all the juniors over to a full maroon kit after the completion of this 2-year cycle.

This season we welcome Tim Holland to our coaching group to run the U10s, Ben Poate and Roy Pook have volunteered to look after the girls U11 team. With Rosalind Eaton becoming the club Chair, David Dale has taken over her role as Chair of the Junior Committee. Kash Ibrahim will continue his great work as the head of junior cricket and Mal Short will continue her amazing efforts running the girls teams.

Once again on Fridays the bar will be open and run by Phil Brown, assisted by Maggie and Jan will be providing food.

Our Development XI will be in action on the 5th of May at Nomads as we are hosting a T10 tournament for similar development sides. There will be 6 teams in action and each will play 3 games with a final at the end. Should be a fun afternoon, come and see our young Nomads as they begin their journey in senior cricket.

This year there will be four cricket camps, the first of the year runs from Monday 8th – Wed 10th of April. Please contact Nav Patel on cricket-camp@preston-nomads.com or Kash Ibrahim on kash.ibrahim@preston-nomads.com for further information.

We also have several social events running throughout the year for everyone. So, look out for the dates on Pitchero and on the posters around the club and bar.

Junior Committee
Huw Cahill, David Dale, Kash Ibrahim, Ralph Scrase

BAR ,PAVILION AND MARKETING UPDATE Bar Manager Phil Brown sends word.

Another exciting season is now underway with a record number of matches scheduled at Fulking with the addition of more junior, womens and girls teams.

Last season the bar was opened almost everyday covering around 180 matches and numerous training sessions offering our range of drinks, snacks and delicious bar food. We hope to cover every event again this season and Maggie, Sarah and I look forward to seeing you all again as the season unfolds.This season we have added some alcohol free gin and a selection of premium champagnes to our range ideal for celebrating those special occasions. We also now have the Nomads rose wine to complement the white which was launched so successfully last season .

In the clubhouse itself the broadband has finally been upgraded which should help those that occasionally need to work whilst at Fulking. Janine will be our new cleaner this season and we welcome her to the Nomads family.

Jan will once again be heading up our catering operations assisted by Natalie and will be providing food for Friday evenings as well as our traditional cricket tea’s and various other events during the season.

Southdown Butchers in Henfield will be providing all our bbq requirements including some great looking kebabs.

Jonty will head up the social committee this season so look out for additional events to complement the well established ladies day and end of season party events.

The newly formed marketing team has been busy during the winter attracting new sponsors to the club and we would particularly like to welcome Shipleys and Hurst College for their first time sponsorship. Hayward and Green will continue to be the club’s principle sponsors whilst Foster and Co will be an arm sponsor on our new shirts. We have already sold a significant number of banners which will be displayed around the boundaries and additional graphics will be added to the pavilion windows.

All that remains is for hopefully the sun to shine and we can all enjoy the special place that Fulking has become to so many of us.

Phil Brown

Lets Discuss the Finances! Treasurer Stephen Oliver

Give me your money….the Treasurers notes

Having left the 4th team in the (far more capable and competitive) hands of Mal Short, I am now in charge of the club finances.

The Club is in the brilliant position of having the most fantastic facilities for cricket in Sussex. Whilst largely due to our founder, Spen Cama, these facilities do require regular maintenance and upkeep, not to mention the fact that cricket balls are expensive (and easily lost sometimes!).

Membership fees are now due, please see the Pitchero notice for details. Matchday costs are notified and collected by the Pitchero app. Many of the teams also use this app for availability and selection. Please see your manager/captain and get yourself registered as soon as possible.

Membership fees are essential to support our volunteers. The club is lucky to have many great volunteers, who are always open to more joining them. It takes time and money to prepare a cricket pitch. It takes time and money to ensure that we have clean and safe changing facilities. Informed coaching and support occurs throughout the club.

Similarly, match day fees are necessary to reflect that cricket balls are costly and a pitch has to be prepared. The match day experience of team sport played in a competitive but fun spirit…priceless!

Our sponsors play a key role in helping fund the club and in return we offer an opportunity to be associated with a top class sports facility. The ground is often used during the week, not just by Nomads, so the opportunities for market awareness are much larger than you might think. Please speak to Rupert Corney for further details. Thanks to our sponsors, the Saturday senior teams will again have match teas for home games.

In short, cricket is an expensive game. But during the summer, there is no finer place to spend time, than at Fulking. If you play, please pay promptly and if you can volunteer, come and join us.

Fixtures Update from our true Legend Tony Doctors.

We have to be optimistic and hope that this rain stops soon and we can get underway!

We are due to start on Saturday 27th April and end on Sunday 22nd September. The League programme begins on 11th May and finishes on 7th September. All teams have been entered in the Sussex T20 comps, whilst the 1st team hope to do well in the ECB Cup.

On Sundays our team and Development X1 have matches on a few weekends. Our Women have been entered into hardball and softball leagues.

Keep Wed 31st July free when we play the MCC and its also our VP day.

All fixtures are on ‘play cricket’

Nomads is a very busy club and if you take training into account there is hardly a day throughout the season when there is nothing arranged.


Well there you have it. Hope you have enjoyed this latest update from the best club in Sussex.

Good luck to all connections!!


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