Good afternoon and welcome to the last preview of season  2019. I am sure you will agree that our time together since late April has flown around in a blink of an eye!
No matter, as we can all share in one last hurrah which will have all the fun, drama and excitement of that last day in class. None more so than when we all descend on the SCMG in the evening for Terri and David's End of Season Awards Ceremony complete with food, drinks and camping on our expansive lawns. It should be a wonderful celebration of Nomad's cricket. (SEE TWITTER SITE FOR MORE INFO)
Let's get into the nitty gritty!
David Has a Lot of Work to do!
We start with a major issue. The word 'Relegation' isnt in the Nomad handbook but our Third team are in the drop zone right now with just a single match to come.  This colume has been suggesting for a while now that one win would have taken us out of danger. Unfortunately five loses on the spin have taken their toll.
The boys travel to Barcombe in Sussex div 5 for a 1pm start.  Our hosts are comfortably mid table with 7 wins to their. 
The league position at the bottom couldn't be any tighter involving us, Ansty and Balcombe.  At this point it is not worth speculating on any outcome as that relegation spot could come down to just one bonus run or wicket at any of three matches. Slide rules could be used until well into the night!
I am therefore very glad that social media duties for this game falls to the right person. Statto. He will be at Barcombe bringing us right up to date. 
David we wish you and your squad all the luck and guess it's a must win situation.
Ed has the Championships in sights!  Sussex Div 3  
2nd team skipper has been immense this season and he leads his team out at the SCMG 12.30 against Portslade. There is a comfortable gap between us and challengers Bexhill. Perhaps only complacency can stop us getting our hands on that Trophy.
I will be on the ground and will keep the social media sights up to date with progress.
All roads lead to a win and glory!
1s  and 4s can party!
Its pretty much job done for Dan and Justin as they both hold comfortable league positions. Our 1st travel to Three Bridges (11.30) who have had a great season. It should be a relaxed atmosphere which should aid some expansive batting.  Just a late bit of speculation from a Three Bridges legend and Director of Cricket at the Brunswick Robbie Stewart told me today ' I think we will turn the Nomads over on our home soil!'  Dan be aware and if we do win sing that song nice and loudly please.
Justin and the crew have a brilliant afternoon at home and entertain our friends from Colemans Hatch (1pm). 
Talking of the 4th team this column wouldn't be complete with out a bit of Andy Garth !
4th Team Report
Rank, Names and Serious Numbers So two games too go, we need to win at least one so yet again, Oberleutnant Justin had the never ending task of getting 11 bodies to the Sussex -Surrey border to commit their all to the task of not being relegated, now I say bodies as there are certain long serving squad members who may not be as lithe and speedy as they once were(or never were). Names It seems the lord and master Justin decided that unless you had a name that is in the top babies names of the 21st Century then you weren’t allowed to bowl( or in Ziggy’s case, a great parental decision for us Bowie fans) So John (Strickland) Graham(Baby Giraffe Watson) Andrew (Garth) and very late in the innings Ian(Jones) were benched so Oscar, Luca, Ziggy and Isaac became our Millennial attack and were quite successful in containing the top order, then the child of the seventies and master of all he surveys Justin bought himself on,in fact he gave the ball to Issac who was duly noted by the scorers as the change until that ball was taken away from him and Justin became the second charge of bowler in 30 seconds which annoyed the scorer somewhat as Swann is easy to spell! Now you might wonder why the Captain is getting some stick, well the truth be known he was obviously having one of his Mr Grumpy days and snarled and pontificated and for those of you who praise him, there is a dark side, even telling me not to write a report!!!!!!!! So we bowled ok but they were fortunate to have one batsman who got his eye in and bashed a 102 which out of the final total of 187 for 9 was the significant game changer. Funny story... he bashes a 6 (off Justin LOL) Over a wire fence so our resident bay giraffe Watto steps over with ease with the ever enthusiastic Issac following,attempts to do the same, forgetting said baby giraffe has very long legs and Issac proceeds to almost slice his jewels. Anyway I digress Not an ungettable score and actually apart from the BG(Watto) being bowled round his legs(it’s a long way down)Justin and Issac batted really well and quickly then the wheels fell off, at 99 for 3 and 4 Silver Fox or Mutton Jeff as I now know him( actually you can call him anything you like as he can’t hear you) Slowed things down then sped things up by running out two of our boys and then got stumped as he casually wandered out of his crease thinking he’d scored a 4, Justin’s grumpy mode moved up a notch when he barked at me to go it next and give it a bash but like most of the team I couldn’t do it either. So we ended up with 147 all out and not knowing our fate while Justin and Jona moaned and even discussed greasing the palm of former Captain and now in next weeks opponents team, Peter Gann a tenner to throw the game( it was then agreed that this was too much money and he wasn’t as good as he thinks he is and we mustn’t let him bat first as he might bore us to relegation) Anyhow you lovely people out there did the figures and the scores and it was decided Justin was wonderful, long suffering and heroic in his efforts, which are all true, but .......I dare those of you brave enough to test the man/monster/Demon(circle your choice)at your peril for just one 4th team experience.. come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough. Onto next weekend where he may have taken a chill pill and pump his chest out to the plaudits and give everyone a go..... but it seems he is in contention for top run scorer at the club so be warned he wants that title and will not let anything or anyone stand in his way. See you all next week for Symsie and Terrys bash, please make it a packed event in the knowledge that there is only one more of these rambling reports to read this year😀AG
There you have it!
Please keep tuned to social media all day and see you at the SCMG.
We are in for a breathtaking closing day.