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Preston Nomads Cricket Club Regulations

The Preston Nomads Cricket Club (PNCC) Board of Trustees has approved the following Regulations, which are now in effect.

Each of the Regulations is related to a particular Article of Association, the purpose being to provide the method of ensuring that the appropriate Article is operated correctly and fully. In effect, they enshrine the Club's management practices and procedures.

There shall be no doubt that the Regulations are subsidiary to the Articles of Association, which is the constitutional basis of the charity.

Accordingly, it shall be the responsibility of the PNCC members at a General Meeting to decide on any changes to the Articles of Association, following suitable recommendations from the Board of Trustees.

However, with regard to these Regulations, the Board of Trustees shall be authorised to review and update each Regulation as necessary and subsequently notify members of such amendments, by placing the documents on the Club's website.

The Regulations are:

  • Regulation 1 - Objects
  • Regulation 2 – Appointment and Retirement of Trustees
  • Regulation 3 – Delegation to Committees
  • Regulation 4 – Club Membership
  • Regulation 5 – General Meetings

The Board of Trustees has decided that it must do all that is necessary to ensure that the Club meets the respective necessary compliance standards and has the following policies in place:

  • Child Protection;
  • Juniors Section (boys and girls) – Policies & Code of Conduct;
  • Code of Conduct & Disciplinary Procedures;
  • Code of Conduct of Trustees;
  • Equity Statement;
  • Privacy Notice.

June 2018

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