Colts Coaching Programme

The coaching arrangements for the Club's colts provides for two levels of coaching.

The arrangements have been developed in order to:

Levels of Colts Coaching

Level 1 - Foundation

This is for the under 7/8s, 9s, 10s and 11s age groups. The centre of their activity is the Friday evening sessions (during the summer, at Fulking. The key objectives are to enhance the boys and girls interest in cricket and to provide them with basic skills in batting, bowling and fielding.

It is a condition of attendance that the boys and girls are paid-up members of the Club and, therefore, no attendance fees are collected.

The coaching of these youngsters continues to be provided by the qualified coaches, under the overall direction of Kashif Ibrahim, Colts Manager.

Level 2 - Development

This level of coaching is for all the youngsters in the Under 12s/13s/14s/15s and 16/18s age groups. The basis of their activity during the winter is the coaching sessions on Tuesday evenings, at the Sussex CCC Indoor School, from 6pm to 9pm. Coaching is from January to April.

Their summer training takes place on Friday evenings, in April, May, June, July and August at Fulking.

The objectives are to retain the interest of the youngsters in their cricket during the off-season and to improve their individual skills, on both a collective and individual basis.

Kashif Ibrahim oversees the coaching, through the Club's qualified coaches, each of whom is associated with a particular age group.