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Behold the chosen few. They win a free dinner at one of the splendid monthly post match dinners.

July Players of the Month

1st XI - Carl Simon - Carl took up the willow as well as the leather in July. Delivering several useful innings, including this one against Roffey to accompany his more customary bowling performances, such as this one against EG. Carl is the very definition of a consistent performer.

2nd XI - Luke Schildkamp - Put simply, Luke laid down the smack on the 2nd XI opposition bowling for two consecuative weeks in July, battering a 116* against St James and a huge 141 against Hastings. A very serious cricketer is Luke and it's great to see him airing his talents so impressively.

3rd XI - James Silk - Silky got the nod from Graham Watson for contributing 12 wickets and 109 runs in July. Standout performances include a couple of 3 wicket hauls with his zippy leg breaks and a 48* against St Francis Hospital.

4th XI - Michael Dawes - 162 runs at an average of 40.5 sees young Dawesy claim the 4th team crown for July. His top score was a crucial knock of 60 against Cuckfield in the cup semi-final. Dawesy is a promising keeper batsman who is starting to deliver on his promise.

June Players of the Month

1st XI - Stuart Faith - Faithy is a great bloke to have in any team, he makes some kind of contribution in almost every game he plays, be it scoring runs, taking wickets, drinking phenomenal quantities the night before (and often between) games or allowing you to call him Stretch Alwyn and George Michael. But the month of June saw him take over. With 15 “runs” per wicket (either caught, run out or taken as a bowler) Faithy averaged a ridiculous 92 points per game in June. Standout performance was this one in the national, but he was a factor in essentially every game he played in the month.

2nd XI - Jason Lewis - He’s just J-Lo from the block, he used to have a little, now he has a lot, but no matter where goes he knows where he came from. Shoreham I think. Anyway, J-Lo is hogging the 2nd XI spotlight with more high class bowling and an epic performance against East Grinstead. Tough times for the twos at the moment, but J-Lo continues to impress.

3rd XI - Tariq Javed - Great to see Tariq getting the nod from skipper Graham (get well soon Watto). The T-Wolf is an absolute legend and has proven a solid, reliable bowler both outdoors and indoors. Tariq’s stand out performance came against Dormansland, taking 5 for 58 in 14 overs.

4th XI - Daniel Andrews - The young Dan Andrews (yes, Martin’s son) gets the nod from skipper Jonah who singles out this performance in a 15 over cup match against Ardingly as particularly worthy of praise amongst some very useful and tidy bowling performances. A useful cricketer is young Dan.

May Players of the Month

1st XI - Kashif Ibrahim - Not for the first time, Kash sort of picked himself. Well not really. He goes mathematical on it. Wickets (including catches, run outs and stumpings) are worth 15 runs, add them all up and Kash came top in a month without anyone standing out too far (there was Joe’s stunning 134* against Bexhill, but he only played twice). Kash helped his cause with his own stunning 111* against Twickenham and a smattering of wickets. Lord Green lead the remainder of the pack, but was 79 “points” behind.

2nd XI - Jason Lewis - Andy Hobbs said this was a toughy. He elected J-Lo for his bowling performances in May (e.g. this one against Brighton). David Smith’s 90 odd and 7 for was one of the all time best Nomad performances, but he has not played enough to unseat everyone’s favourite "Nomad from the Block".

3rd XI - Michael English and Harry Garth - Graham elected to split the award. They both performed admirably with the ball  (e.g. here and here) and put themselves rapidly in contention for the 2nd XI. So great was Graham’s appreciation for the youth proving themselves and moving up the ranks he chose to ignore the fact that he himself was statistically the best player. Kash.

4th XI - Steven Oliver - Olly wins for some classy batting and particularly his match winning 104* against Lindfield.

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