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December 4, 2016, 7:12 pm
Nomads Do Well at the Mid Sussex Stoner Awards
The Boundary Rooms down at Hove played host to the Mid Sussex Stoner League awards on 26th November.  It turned into a glittering occasion where Sussex legend Steve Maggoffin wowed the audience with some very witty and entertaining insights.

After a lovely dinner of Braised beef the awards were given out.

John picks up div 3 promotion shield from Steve
Justin Schildkamp won Batsman of the Year from Div 3
David accepted the Shield
Nomads senior player and legend John Strickland accepted the 3rd div promotion cup.

 Justin picks up best batsman in div 3
 David picks up the Shield !

A really lovely evening !
 Diddnt they do well !
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